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Summer Walks

Monday 3rd August
7.30 pm
meet at Cefn Onn Car park
followed by refreshments at The Cottage
Contact: Matt Knight

Wednesday 5th August
2.00 pm
meet at Forest Farm Car park
followed by refreshments at Bodlon Café, Whitchurch.
Contact- Sarah Knight

Tuesday 11th August
Anyone is welcome to stroll around the lake or rose garden, or enjoy the view before gathering for tea/coffee.
Contact Brian or Megan Delf

Vanuatu Cyclone

Dave Hunt-Pool/Getty Images

Dave Hunt-Pool/Getty Images

Cyclone Pam has left thousands of people homeless on Vanuatu in the Pacific. The strength of the winds are being compared to those of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated parts of the Philippines in November 2013.

Vanuatu has a population of 267,000 and is spread over 65 islands, many of them are unreachable. A family connected with St. Andrews’ originates from Vanuatu and the Father who is a Doctor went there a week ago to help the injured.

Please pray for the people of Vanuatu, those who have family there and those who are doing all they can to help.

If you are able, donations to help provide shelter, food and to begin rebuilding lives can be made through ‘All We Can’ here

Find out more about the situation in Vanuatu here.

Lent Prayer and Action March 29th

Week 6 – 29th March: Hunger

In the world 805 million people do not have enough to eat.  In the UK last year 900,000 people went to a food bank to receive 3 days’ worth of emergency food.  The fixed costs of maintaining a home and keeping children in school means households must cut back on food.  Hunger is a symptom of insecure livelihoods, poor housing, social exclusion and an unequal society.

This week you are invited to take part in the fasts or sponsor someone else.


God of Hope, Creation, Truth, Power and Love
Help us to remember that you can do impossible things
Inspire us to work with you for change in our society
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done                 Amen

Lent Prayer and Action 22nd March

Week 5 – 22nd  March A Moral Economy

The UK has the highest gap between rich and poor of all the developed economies (only the USA is worse).  Globally there has been progress in the eradication of absolute poverty but inequality is growing. Pray that all will be paid a Living Wage and all will pay their fair share of taxes.


God of Truth

Draw us into your Gospel of Hope

Help us to speak out for justice

Your Kingdom Come

Your will be doneAmen

Lent Prayer and Action 15th March

Week 4 – 15th March: Climate

Climate change is both a cause of suffering and a threat to God’s creation.  We all need to think about the impact of our own choices as well as to call on the Government for action.  We all know what we can do and we are all too ready with the excuses as to why we don’t.


God of Creation

We live in a world you have created

Give us courage to make the changes needed to keep it beautiful

Your Kingdom come

Your Will be doneAmen

Holy Week Services

Join us to celebrate the Easter story.Easter Cross

Maundy Thursday – 2nd April
Holy Communion
with foot washing and stripping of the Communion Table

Good Friday – 3rd April
Walk of Witness
(starting at St. Thomas’ Church, Pantbach Road)
Good Friday Reflection

Holy Saturday – 4th April
Holy Saturday Meditation

Easter Day – 5th April
Sunrise Service
Caerphilly Mountain
Holy Communion

Lent Prayer and Action 8th March

Week 3 – 8th March: Children and Young People

It is estimated, that if we continue the way we are going, by 2020 3.7 million children in England and Wales will be living in poverty.  Most will be in households where there is one adult working.  This affects the young person’s wellbeing and sense of self- worth.  Poverty will negatively affect their life chances.

Amelia Trust Farm, here in Cardiff, support young people for whom the school system is not working.  Many are in care or have to cope with very difficult home circumstances.  Amelia Trust gives them back their self-esteem and supports them back into education and training.  This week consider paying a visit to Amelia (the café is open every day) or making a donation to support that work.


God of Love
Bring us healing and comfort
Draw near to those who need your peace
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done                 Amen

Lent Prayer and Action 1st March

Week 2 – 1st March: Homes

A home is not just a roof. It is part of your identity. In England and Wales 2,400 sleep rough each night and over ¼ million households live in cramped and inadequate housing. Work on the Millennium Development Goals has seen huge reductions but still 750 million people worldwide are without clean water and sanitation.

This week make an effort to invite a friend or neighbour into your home.


God of Power
Be present in our communities
Give us the strength to show your love right here
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done                 Amen

Services for March to May

Sunday 1st March, 2015 – Second Sunday in Lent

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Anthony Thomas
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at St. Andrews – Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 8th March, 2015 – Family Service – Third Sunday in Lent

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown
6.00pm – Creative Worship Cluster Service at Cathays – Rev. Peter Holwell

Sunday 15th March, 2015 – Fourth Sunday in Lent, Mothering Sunday

10.45am – Preacher: Mrs Pat Salaman
6.00pm – Circuit Service at Radyr Methodist to celebrate the admission of Gauri Taylor-Nayar as a Local Preacher – Rev. Philip Buckland and Mr Dave Kitchen

Sunday 22nd March, 2015 – Fifth Sunday in Lent

10.45am – Preacher – Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown
6.00pm – Healing Cluster Service at Cyncoed – Rev. Peter Holwell

Sunday 29th March, 2015 – Palm Sunday

10.45am – Preacher – Rev. Philip Buckland
6.00pm – Creative Worship Cluster Service at St. Andrews – Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Thursday 2nd April, 2015 – Maundy Thursday

7.30pm – Holy Communion with foot washing and stripping of the Communion Table – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Friday 3rd April, 2015 – Good Friday

TBC – Walk of Witness
10.45am – Good Friday Reflection – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Saturday 4th April, 2015 – Holy Saturday

7.00pm – Holy Saturday Meditation – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 5th April, 2015 – Easter Day Communion Service

7.30am – Sunrise Service on Caerphilly Mountain followed by breakfast at the Church
10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown/Rev. Roger Bidnell – Communion Service
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at Cathays Methodist – Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 12th April, 2015 – Family Service

10.45am – Preacher: Dr. Alun Hughes – Family Service
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at Cyncoed – Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 19th April, 2015

10.45am – Preacher: Gloria Passmore
6.00pm – Creative Worship Cluster Service at St. Andrews – Rev. Peter Holwell

Sunday 26th January, 2015

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at Cathays – Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 3rd May, 2015 – Cluster Worship

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Peter Holwell / Rev. Philip Buckland / Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown / Gloria Passmore – Cluster Worship
No Evening Service

Sunday 10th May, 2015 – Family Service

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Family Service
6.00pm – Mission Circuit Service at Wesley Methodist, Caerphilly – Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 17th May, 2015

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Peter Holwell
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at Cyncoed Methodist – Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 24th May, 2015 – Pentecost Communion Service

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown/Rev. David Walker – Communion
6.00pm – Traditional Cluster Service at St. Andrews – Rev. Paul Martin

Sunday 31st May, 2015 – Trinity Sunday

10.45am – Preacher: Dr. Maurice Wentworth
6.00pm – Creative Worship Cluster Service at Cathays Methodist – Rev. Peter Holwell