Advent Appeal 2015


Away in a Manger No Crib for a Bed


As we sing the carol, Siham will swing gently in her plastic crate. One small child amongst millions of Syrian refugees who have lost everything.

Please help to provide some tender care for refugee families with nowhere to call home this Christmas. £12 could provide a mattress or £42  a simple stove.

Please give what you can afford so that Christians in the Middle East can provide food and other essentials for refugee families.

Syria Facts:

  • Almost 1.2 million Syrian refugees are registered with the UNHCR in Lebanon.
  • 39% of refugees live in shelters such as tents and sheds.  Many more are in overcrowded rooms.
  • 30% of the refugee population lacks access to safe drinking water and latrines
  • An estimated 72% of Syrian children are born in Lebanon to refugee parents do not have birth certificates.
  • There are around 400,000 refugee children of school age. Three quarters of them are not enrolled in school.

Embrace works with 12 partners in Lebanon & Syria providing:

  • Humanitarian assistance
  • A school for refugee children in the Bekaa Valley
  • Youth clubs offering support for psychological problems and keeping young people safe from exploitation.
  • Centres for children with learning difficulties

Rozin from Syria, who attends a youth centre with her daughter says ”I found support and unconditional acceptance.  Finding understanding has brought peace to my heart and mind

Prayer for Refugees

God of Justice
Guide the nations and the leaders of the world towards peace.
Stir hearts to be generous and compassionate
God, help us to play our part in bringing about the change that we want to see
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

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