December 2015 – February 2016 Plan

Sunday 6th December, 2015 

10.45am – Preacher: Dr. Alun Hughes
6.00pm –  Circuit Worship at Cyncoed – ‘Shake the Sky’
                  Preacher: Mr Dave Kitchen and Rev. Nick Oborski

Sunday 13th December, 2015 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Family Nativity Service
6.00pm –  No Evening Worship

Sunday 20th December, 2015 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Irfan John – Holy Communion
6.00pm –  Candlelit Carol Service at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 27th September, 2015 

10.45am – Cluster Worship at Rumney Methodist Church
                   No Worship at St. Andrew’s
6.00pm –  No Evening Service

Sunday 3rd January, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Harold Smith
6.00pm –  No Evening Service

Sunday 10th January, 2016

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Covenant Service
6.00pm –  Traditional Worship at Cathays Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 17th January, 2016

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Dave Kitchen
6.00pm – Worship at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Paul Martin

Sunday 24th January, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Sue O’Hare
6.00pm –  Local Ecumenical Services

Sunday 31st January, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Anthony Thomas
3.00pm –  Christchurch Llandaff North URC Closing Service
No 6pm service

Sunday 7th February, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Barbara Ward
6.00pm –  Traditional Worship with Communion at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 14th February, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Holy Communion
6.00pm –  Cafe Worship at Cyncoed Methodist Church

Sunday 21st February, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Delyth Liddell
6.00pm –  Healing and Communion Service at Cathays Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 28th February, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Catherine Reynolds
6.00pm –  Bible Study at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

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