Lent Prayer and Action 8th March

Week 3 – 8th March: Children and Young People

It is estimated, that if we continue the way we are going, by 2020 3.7 million children in England and Wales will be living in poverty.  Most will be in households where there is one adult working.  This affects the young person’s wellbeing and sense of self- worth.  Poverty will negatively affect their life chances.

Amelia Trust Farm, here in Cardiff, support young people for whom the school system is not working.  Many are in care or have to cope with very difficult home circumstances.  Amelia Trust gives them back their self-esteem and supports them back into education and training.  This week consider paying a visit to Amelia (the café is open every day) or making a donation to support that work.


God of Love
Bring us healing and comfort
Draw near to those who need your peace
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done                 Amen

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