Services March to May 2016

Sunday 6th March, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Andrew Swatton
6.00pm –  Worship at Cyncoed
                  Preacher: Rev. Nick Oborski

Sunday 13th March, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland
6.00pm – Circuit Worship at Cyncoed
                  Preacher: Rev. Gareth Powell

Sunday 20th March, 2016 – Palm Sunday 

10.45am – Preacher: Dr. Maurice Wentworth
6.00pm –  Worship at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Thursday 24th March, 2016 – Maundy Thursday 

7.30pm – Holy Communion with foot washing and stripping of the Communion Table
Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Friday 25th March, 2016 – Good Friday 

10.00am – Walk of Witness around Birchgrove followed by
10.45am – Service ‘Seven Words’
Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Saturday 26th March, 2016 – Holy Saturday 

7.45pm – Easter Vigil with lighting of the new fire
Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 27th March, 2016 – Easter Day

7.30am – Early Morning Worship on Caerphilly Mountain
10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Family Holy Communion
6.00pm –  Communion at Conway Road Methodist Church
Preacher: Rev. Paul Martin

Sunday 3rd April, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Gerry Ballard
6.00pm –  Worship at Cyncoed Methodist Church
Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 10th April, 2016

10.45am – Preacher: Deacon Phil Osborne
6.00pm –  Bible Study at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 17th April, 2016

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Nick Oborski – Holy Communion
6.00pm – Worship at Cathays Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 24th April, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Irfan John
6.00pm –  Cafe Worship at Cyncoed Methodist Church
Preacher: Mr Dave Kitchen

Sunday 1st May, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Baptism
6.00pm –  Worship at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

Sunday 8th May, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Jayne Williams
6.00pm –  Circuit Service at Whitchurch Methodist Church
                  Including the welcome of Mr Andrew Swatton as a fully accredited Local Preacher
Preacher: Rev. Nick Oborski

Sunday 15th May, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown – Holy Communion
6.00pm –  Worship at Cathays Methodist Church
Preacher: Rev. Philip Buckland

Sunday 22nd May, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Rev. Robin Wood
6.00pm –  Worship at Cyncoed Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Gloria Passmore

Sunday 29th May, 2016 

10.45am – Preacher: Mr Ian Thomas
6.00pm –  Bible Study at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church
                  Preacher: Rev. Jarel Robinson-Brown

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