St. Andrews Advent Appeal

Delivering hope this Christmas

At Christmas we celebrate the safe arrival of God’s promised Saviour and Son, Jesus Christ. As we remember Mary’s arduous and life-threatening journey to Bethlehem, we sigh with relief that it is so different for us today. But sadly, for thousands of women in Kenya, the dangers and struggles experienced by the young mother of our Saviour are all too real.

Each day 40 women in Kenya die from pregnancy or birth related complications.  17,000 babies a year do not survive their first day of life.

This Advent and Christmas we’re supporting Christian Aid and their dedicated partners as they work to reach women and babies. Through locally-based groups like TRDP, part of the Anglican Church of Kenya, they’re providing mobile health clinics to ensure that families in some of the most remote parts of Kenya can access life-saving healthcare. Working closely with a community, TRDP sets up and supports advice groups. Through its training and support of community health workers, women are encouraged to deliver in hospital, where complications can be spotted and treated.

Good News: The UK Government will match every pound we raise, meaning double the difference for people living in poverty.

£5 could provide a day’s training for a community health worker

£10 could buy a blanket to wrap a newborn baby in.

£40 could support an education group for 50 mothers for a month

£200 could buy a hospital bed

Donations can be placed in the Stable at the front of Church or given to Gill Peace, Lisa Medina or one of the Stewards.

Thank you so much for all you can give.

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