Vanuatu Cyclone

Dave Hunt-Pool/Getty Images

Dave Hunt-Pool/Getty Images

Cyclone Pam has left thousands of people homeless on Vanuatu in the Pacific. The strength of the winds are being compared to those of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated parts of the Philippines in November 2013.

Vanuatu has a population of 267,000 and is spread over 65 islands, many of them are unreachable. A family connected with St. Andrews’ originates from Vanuatu and the Father who is a Doctor went there a week ago to help the injured.

Please pray for the people of Vanuatu, those who have family there and those who are doing all they can to help.

If you are able, donations to help provide shelter, food and to begin rebuilding lives can be made through ‘All We Can’ here

Find out more about the situation in Vanuatu here.

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